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Peter is Senior Programme Officer for innovation in Social Media and the STARTS (Science, Technology, Arts) initiative at the Directorate General Connect of the European Commission in Brussels. Until recently, he was working for twelve years in the Internet of Things domain and driving the EC’s IoT innovation and policy programme. Prior to that, he was active as Senior Consultant B2E and B2x at IBM Germany for the automotive and utilities sectors, and as IT Manager at Philips Semiconductors Hamburg. He holds an engineering degree in space technology and a Ph.D. in social self-organizing systems.

A Better Way To Digitize European Industries

By Peter Friess // Programme Officer // Media Policy Directorate – Social Media & Networks – STARTS // European Commission, DG Connect, Brussels, Belgium There is much talk on the subject of digitization. While many think that digitization is just an inevitable force in our world, others are making the important point that in

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