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Manish Gupta is the Chief Marketing Officer at Liaison Technologies, responsible for Product Management, Product Marketing, Corporate Marketing, Demand Generation, Analyst and Media Relations. Manish has over 20 years of experience driving corporate growth through portfolio management, brand building, demand generation and establishment of strategic alliances. His background spans a wide variety of markets including in-memory processing, payments, service provider communications infrastructure, enterprise services policy orchestration, and online media. He is also an active mentor to entrepreneurs sitting on the board of TiE Silicon Valley. Manish holds an MSc and BSc in Electrical Engineering from Georgia Tech and an MBA from Santa Clara University.

Data Is The New Dollar: Turning Data Into Business Profit
Big DataData Science

Every business knows that their data, from customer demographics and buying behavior to production insights, holds tremendous value. But, historically, most have considered only its internal worth—the insight it provides to improve operational efficiency, deliver a better customer experience, enhance products and services or save money. But now, a new perspective on data

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