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Fabian Werner

Fabian Werner studied computer science and mathematics in Darmstadt.
After receiving his Ph.D. in number theory (mathematics) in 2014,
he moved to Hamburg where he worked with Opera. He was responsible
for the design of a real-time recommender engine for advertisement
on mobile devices handling thousands of requests per second. In
2016, he joined Lufthansa Industry Solutions as a Data Science
consultant. At the moment his projects focus is on the airline business
(in particular Lufthansa Passage), where he works on different projects
regarding the prediction of aircraft and passenger movements.

How Data Science Is Serving Passengers At Lufthansa
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The Lufthansa Group is about much more than just transporting passengers and air freight from A to B. The subsidiary company I work for is called “Lufthansa Industry Solutions” (LHIND for short). As well as dealing with the exciting challenges faced by the airline industry within the Lufthansa Group, we

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