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Eden Duthie

Eden Duthie is the Head of Data Science at Ada Health in Berlin and is originally from Melbourne, Australia. He has had an extensive career applying machine learning to disrupt a wide variety of industries such as vehicle manufacturing, drug discovery, weather forecasting, and sports betting. He was also the original developer of the Kaggle competition platform. Eden leads the data team at Ada where they apply machine learning to primary care patient-focused medicine, developing conversational health assessment services. He believes that healthcare is in the initial stages of world-changing advances based on the availability and flow of data.

A Look At Ada'S Ai-Powered Health Companion

Ada’s AI-powered health companion helps individuals understand and manage their health. In practice, Ada works much like a GP in your pocket, asking relevant, personalized questions, enabling people to self-assess their symptoms and identify possible causes and appropriate next steps. Ada xais supported by a sophisticated AI engine and curated medical knowledge

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