You may already know about our Data Natives event. Last year, Europe’s biggest data science, AI, and machine learning conference brought over 5,000 attendees together to enjoy more than 150 speakers in 2020.

And you may also know that VentureBeat is one of the world’s most famous tech publications. VentureBeat helps break the news to millions of readers every month, and its yearly Transform event focuses heavily on AI and related areas.

We’re incredibly proud to announce that Data Natives will be hosting its half-day content program at VentureBeat Transform 2021.

Transform takes place between July 12-16, 2021. The event is hosted online – as is natural in these extraordinary times – and includes a stellar cast of speakers and an array of great networking opportunities and side events, such as the Women in AI breakfast.

“Transform World is targeted at smart data-driven executives and professionals,” said Matt Marshall, founder and Editor-in-Chief at VentureBeat. “Its goal is to offer the wider community of data-driven leaders a variety of compelling content – ranging from inspirational and strategic advice for C-level executives to educational and practical lessons for professionals and practitioners, to helpful forums around topics like AI or big data for women or BIPOC groups. Transform World is a federation of multiple event hostings, where like-minded conference organizers cooperate to help cut through the noise in a fragmented virtual event world, with the goal to expose the most compelling, high-quality content possible.”

At the last Data Natives event – DN Unlimited 2020 – you heard from luminaries such as Chris Wiggins of the New York Times, Erika Cheung of Ethics in Entrepreneurship, Cory Doctrow of Craphound, Areeq Chowdhury of WebRoots Democracy, Kathryn Harrison of FixFake, Mia Shah-Dand of Lighthouse3, Jessica Graves of Sefleuria, Moojan Asghari of Thousand Eyes on Me, and so many more.

We’ll be announcing the Data Natives x VentureBeat World speakers soon, and we promise you the line-up is just as exciting!

“We’re delighted that Data Natives has joined Transform World,” Marshall said. “Data Natives is Europe’s largest community of data-driven professionals, with a goal of educating and inspiring its 106,000+ community members to shape the innovations of tomorrow. The Transform World alliance already includes groups such as VentureBeat, which will be hosting Transform 2021, the world’s leading AI and data event for more than 2,000 enterprise executives, and several other groups, including Clarion Events, Women in Voice, Women in Big Data, and the DataScience Salon.”

Transform World already has an incredible roster of speakers, including top-level executives from Levi Strauss, American Express, Adobe, Intel, DoorDash, Salesforce, IBM, PayPal, and more. 

Of course, it’s not all about listening to excellent speakers and finding out about the latest moves in AI, ML, NLP, computer vision, and the automation world in general – it’s about you and your fellow attendees.

In addition to Transform World’s various break-out rooms, Data Natives will be hosting a Q&A and networking space where you’ll get to meet not only your peers but also the speakers who will be joining in to answer your questions. Who knows – you might even find your next job!

Access to the live stream will be free for the entire Transform World event, and Data Natives will be going live on July 16, delivering our brand of thoughtful and provoking content throughout the morning. You’ll also gain access to the Data Natives networking and Q&A space.

A VIP pass is available, which access to the mainstage experience plus access to offstage speaker Q&A, private roundtables, and networking sessions. It also includes an annual VentureBeat Membership unlocking gated content, community spaces, extra events, and more. Use the code Datanatives21 for $100 off a VIP pass!

Register now, and we’ll see you at Data Natives x VentureBeat Transform 2021!

Want to get involved? Ask us for our Data Natives x VentureBeat prospectus to learn how you can sponsor the program, gain access to our extensive and highly engaged communities, and increase your brand awareness (among other benefits).

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