DataHero, one of the leading providers of self-service cloud BI, has expanded its integration with HubSpot, launching the first connector that enables sales and marketing professionals to easily generate data visualizations and analytics dashboards from HubSpot CRM. HubSpot CRM is a flexible, intuitive solution for managing prospects and sales pipeline. Now marketers and sales professionals can leverage HubSpot CRM with DataHero to improve analysis of the entire funnel from first touch to close.

HubSpot CRM was built to help sales representatives navigate the challenges that come with data entry and interaction management. DataHero’s integration with HubSpot CRM enables our users to aggregate data from an extensive list of cloud services into clear, concise visualizations for making informed, data-driven decisions,
Brian Halligan, HubSpot CEO

HubSpot CRM creates a bridge from marketing to sales. With DataHero’s HubSpot CRM integration, users can use analytics throughout the entire sales lifecycle, combining data from HubSpot CRM and other cloud services to improve lead management, pipeline tracking and account management with data visualizations. Digital marketing agencies can now gain visibility into how a campaign impacts a client’s bottom line, while delivering charts and dashboards that validate their work.

To address how integrations with HubSpot make business processes more effective, DataHero Founder and Chief Product Officer, Chris Neumann will be participating on a panel with industry experts at HubSpot INBOUND on Sept. 10 at 10:30 a.m. ET.

“HubSpot CRM is becoming a go-to tool for sales professionals, playing an instrumental role in helping grow the business. DataHero’s HubSpot CRM integration gives users the tools to combine HubSpot marketing data with sales data. Marketers and sales reps can now easily get the key findings they need to increase engagement levels and close more deals,”
DataHero CEO, Ed Miller

(image credit: JD Hancock)

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