Ometria, an outfit providing software solutions to drive profitable e-commerce, has bagged $500k in seed funding, after the $1.5 million seed round in March this year.

This round saw participation from 17 new investors including James Bromley, COO at Swiftkey, Andreas Andreou, commercial director at Quidco, Alicia Navarro and Joe Stepniewski of Skimlinks, and early stage technology VC fund SaatchInvest. It has also been reported that early investor and Huddle co-founder Ali Mitchell will be joining Ometria board.

Ali Mitchell explains, “Building any successful retailer is all about finding and keeping hold of the right customers.

“Now, Ometria is democratising customer insight for retailers – providing the same level insights for businesses of all sizes. It’s a fantastic product, with a great team behind it. That’s why I’m really excited to announce that today I’m joining the likes of Dr. Mike Baxter and Elisabeth Ling as an advisor to Ometria’s board.”

Ometria’s product is an all-in-one ecommerce marketing software package which claims to help online retailers make better use of data to acquire and retain “better customers”. Its “intelligence” platform helps retailers understand customer behaviour and product performance and thus assisting them in making educated decisions on follow up offers and further targeting.

The newly acquired funding will be directed towards development of the product, through addition of “predictive modelling and more automated functionality for customer communication”, reports TechCrunch.

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(Image Credit: Ometria)

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