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What Does Big Data Mean In 2015?
Data ScienceTechnology & IT

The Accenture Technology Vision Report of 2014 predicted Big to be the Next Big Thing and sure enough their predictions were spot-on. With yet another concurrent year of staggering growth in Big Data, it’s safe to say, the myth that Big Data is just a Big Hype can be put

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Big Data Processing Platforms: What’s Next?
BI & AnalyticsTechnology & IT

“Big Data” has been a major technology trend over the past years, and buzz around the term continuing strong today. By now, it is widely accepted that the “Big” in Big Data does not refer only to the terabytes and petabytes of data to be processed, but more broadly to

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Big Data Stack Explained : Accel Partners
Data Science

Jake Flomenberg, Venture Capitalist at Accel Partners has over a decade of experience building innovative software products. Jake focuses on early stage investments in next generation infrastructure and data-driven services . He is part of the team responsible for Accel’s Big Data Fund. Prior to Accel, Jake  has worked at Cloudera and Splunk where he was

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The Three Big Data Waves Breaking Now
Data ScienceMachine LearningTechnology & IT

Big data is overwhelmingly powerful, overwhelmingly omnipresent, and most of all, overwhelming to grasp. As such, three factors, three big data waves are currently rolling into our ports. Big data is to be generated, gathered, and aggregated, accumulated, produced, analyzed, and understood at ever increasing speeds.  With the ‘internet of

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