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10 Big Data Stories You Shouldn’t Miss This Week

This week, a wealth of industry experts shared their insights into the changing landscape of big data with us. On Monday, Chairman of MBN Solutions Paul Forrest shared his thoughts on how big data can become “the bridge” to success. On Tuesday, Jamal Khawaja informed us why we’ve never been

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How Facebook Deal With Their Masses Of User-Generated Data
Data Science

For decades, companies have lived by the mantra “customer is king”. But in the age of the Internet- when users generate hoardes of data, not all of which is useful or accurate- the rules of the game have changed. We recently spoke to Tye Rattenbury, Trifacta’s lead Data Scientist, about

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4 Predictions For Big Data In 2015 From Industry Leaders
BI & AnalyticsData ScienceMachine Learning

2014 was a fantastic year for data science. Funding rounds were huge, the mergers and acquistions space was active all year, data science skills proved to be the hottest of the year. But will data science continue to flourish in 2015? We asked four industry experts- working in AI, big

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