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Aylien’s New Google Chrome Add-On Makes Natural Language Processing Even More Convenient
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Aylien is a natural-language processing startup that has rolled out its text and sentiment analysis add-on for Google Sheets, powered by the Aylien Text Analysis API. The company allows users to analyze their text from spreadsheets in Google Drive. “I tested out the add-on, and it’s both easy and useful,”

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&Quot;Whatsapp A Good Deal For Facebook&Quot; -Ingo Mierswa, Ceo Rapidminer

Ingo Mierswa CEO of Rapidminer has stated that “Whatsapp was a good deal for facebook”. Ingo points out that with over 450 million users  WhatsApp is already a very strong player on the market. Going forward Ingo believes that the company can  reach an  user base of over 1 billion users

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