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Connected Cars, Telematics And Connectivity-As-A-Service ​: What'S The Future?
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Vehicle-to-Cloud – yes, it is a thing!  And it is making automotive insurance providers and telecoms thrive together to support telematics “Self-driving cars are the natural extension of active safety and obviously something we should do,” this is a popular quote by Elon Musk. But wait, even more popularly discussed

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Nigeria: Big Four Telco Operators Investing In Big Data

Nigeria telecommunication operators will be competing to upgrade their big data technologies over the next few years to ensure they will effectively predict consumer behaviour, buying habits and choices of their customers. According to a recent article in Leadership, the big data market is valued at more than $200 billion.

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Ibm Adds New Mobilefirst Services

IBM announced that it would be expanding its IBM MobileFirst portfolio with new and enhanced services. MobileFirst will now include services that are focused on mobile strategy, security, application development and device procurement and management. IBM’s vision for MobileFirst began with the ambition to help organisations capture new markets by

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