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Four Steps For Building A Successful Enterprise Metadata Catalog
Data Science

With the fast-growing interest in data lakes — a storage solution that allows structured and semi-structured data to live in the same place — attention is turning toward metadata as a way to organize large amounts of diverse enterprise data. Metadata is an ambiguous and generic term, but it most

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Database Wizard Dr. Michael Stonebraker Wins The 2014 Acm Turing Award

The A.M. Turing Award, bestowed by the world’s largest educational and scientific computing society, Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), honours computer scientists and engineers who have contributed towards the progress of the information technology industry. Often considered to be the the ‘Nobel Prize for Computing,’ the 2014 Turing Award has

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Tamr Bags Industry Veteran James Markarian As Advisor
Data ScienceNews

Tamr, the MIT CSAIL spin-off startup that deals in Big Data, has snapped up the former executive VP and CTO at Informatica Corporation James Markarian to act as an advisor. Tamr co-founder and CEO Andy Palmer lauded the industry veteran: “He’s been a visionary leader in data technologies on the

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Tamr: Data Curation Powered By Machine Learning
Machine LearningNewsTechnology & IT

Monday saw the unveiling of Tamr, a scalable platform for data curation, at the Databeat Conference in San Francisco. Founders Andy Palmer and Michael Stonebraker also announced they had accrued an impressive $16 million of first-round funding from Google Ventures and New Enterprise Associates. Palmer and Stonebraker came up with

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