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The Role Of Intelligent Data In Driving Supply Chain Efficacy

As supply chains in the US and around the world remain tumultuous, facing pandemic closures and labor shortages, supply chain professionals are turning to data to stay ahead. An intelligent supply chain, supported by live data, enables real-time collaboration, faster execution speeds, and improved accountability. Inventory shortages have become an

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5 Bi Processes For Supply Chain Companies
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Companies are collecting more data than ever these days. Business intelligence processes, in turn, have become a necessity in every business function, including the supply chain.  BI tools can get complicated in a hurry. Given the sea of data that supply chain companies find themselves swimming in, choosing the right

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Iot And The Supply Chain: The Complexity Of Staying Connected
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The tech world is abuzz with how the Internet of Things (IoT) will change everything—usually for the better. It could be the dawn of incredible connectivity, speed and efficiency. While consumers need only concern themselves with what new gadgets and toys they can connect, manufacturers have a long road ahead.

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