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Researchers have estimated that 25 years ago, around 100GB of data was generated every day. By 1997, we were generating 100GB every hour and by 2002 the same amount of data was generated in a second. We’re on trajectory – by 2018 – to generate 50TB of data every single

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Tuesday saw the release of IBM’s latest mainframe offering – the z13 Mainframe – touted by the giant as the most powerful and secure system ever built. The system has the capacity to deliver scale and economics together with real-time encryption and analytics catering to the need for speed and

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In 2014, we witnessed some of the coolest and craziest tech stories of our time. A future where our cars drives themselves, drones deliver our mail and our surroundings adapt to our preferences automatically are no longer inconceivable- in fact, these scenarios are highly plausible. We trawled through our 2014

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