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Data Mining For Social Intelligence - Opinion Data As A Monetizable Resource
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The digital age is characterised increasingly by the collective. The information generated by tapping into the minds of many is driving decisions in both the public and private sector; research is becoming social. On the back of this, a new science has emerged – known as opinion mining – which

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Opinion Mining - Extraction Of Opinions From Free Text
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There’s a lot of buzz around the term “Sentiment Analysis” and the various ways of doing it. Great! So you report with reasonable accuracies what the sentiment about a particular brand or product is. Opinion Mining and Sentiment Analysis After publishing this report, your client comes back to you and

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29-30 April, 2015- Sentiment Analysis Innovation, San Francisco

Learn how to dig deeper into customer feedback and online opinion at this exclusive summit. Over 20 industry speakers will share case studies and discuss how to better enhance your text analytics & sentiment analysis practises. The Sentiment Analysis track will cover the most relevant topics for your firm today,

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A Deep Convolutional Neural Network That Understands The Sentiment In Images
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What could possibly be a leap in AI technology is a novel method devised by scientists at Adobe Research and the University of Rochester to train computers to draw insights on ‘Visual Sentiments’ from mere images. A paper, entitled “Robust Image Sentiment Analysis Using Progressively Trained and Domain Transferred Deep

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Sentiment Analysis Forecasts &Quot;No&Quot; Vote Will Prevail In Scottish Independence Referendum
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Regardless of the outcome of today’s Scottish Independence Referendum, today is a landmark event in Great British history. Within the next 24 hours, Scotland will vote to decide whether or not to dissolve their 307-year-old union with England. Opinion polls have suggested the vote is too close to call; different

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