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Artificial Intelligence In Science: Examples, Biology, Physics And Chemistry
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Today, AI is used in almost every industry, and tools provided by artificial intelligence in science are no exception. The amount of data generated by many of today’s physics and astronomy studies is so great that no human or group of humans could keep up. Some of them daily record

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10 Rules For Creating Reproducible Results In Data Science
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In recent years’ evidence has been mounting that points to a crisis in the reproducible results of scientific research. Reviews of papers in the fields of psychology and cancer biology found that only 40% and 10%, respectively, of the results, could be reproduced. Nature published the results of a survey of

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The National Data Science Bowl Makes Plankton Research Sexy
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Rare is the man whose heart starts racing upon hearing the word “plankton”. It might not be the sexiest field in the world, but the study and categorisation of this marine microorganisms can tell us a huge amount but the health of our oceans. The problem? There’s tonnes of them.

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Quantum Teleportation Covers More Miles With Latest Milestone At The University Of Geneva

A European team of physicists working in the lab of Professor Nicolas Gisin in the physics department at the University of Geneva, has demonstrated a method that can teleport quantum information to a solid-state quantum memory over telecom fiber. This marks a crucial milestone towards the development of quantum Internet,

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