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Data Science Is Crucial For The Marketing Sector And Konnecto Is Using Different Instruments To Analyze Consumer Behavior
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Data science is crucial for marketing, and Konnecto uses different instruments to analyze consumer behavior. Suggesting COVID-19 has permanently changed consumer attitudes and habits would be an understatement. A startling 67 percent of consumers claim that since the pandemic began, their online spending has increased. Additionally, there were 900 million

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Have A Data-Appropriate Christmas: Big Data, Big Companies And Santa
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Don’t think data analytics play a major role in the holiday season? Everyone from consumers, to retailers, to CEOs will be crunching numbers this December. PCA Predict’s Big Data Labs 2014 Christmas Report notes that 25% of ecommerce transactions in the UK last year were in the months of November

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New Sales Survey Suggests Data-Driven Sales Revolution May Not Be Far Away
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Selligy, a sales tools innovator, has revealed in its 2014 Sales Analytics Survey that the sales industry is on the cusp of a data-driven revolution, early last week. “Most sales leaders have been staring at the same CRM reports for a decade, and this survey shows that a wave of

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