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Qudit Computers Open Endless Possibilities By Exceeding The Binary System
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Most quantum computers rely on quantum bits, or “qubits,” which may individually represent two numbers, 0 or 1. Researchers have now created a quantum computer based on quantum digits, also known as “qudits,” each of which can encode seven numbers. In addition to offering more processing capability with fewer parts,

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P-Computers Might Change The Future Of Information Technologies For Good. There Is An Urgent Demand For Additional Technology That Is Scalable And Energy-Efficient Due To The Advent Of Artificial Intelligence (Ai) And Machine Learning (Ml).
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P-computers might change the future of information technologies for good. There is an urgent demand for additional technology that is scalable and energy-efficient due to the advent of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). Making judgments based on insufficient data is a crucial step in both AI and ML,

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7 Big Data Funding Stories You Might Have Missed This Year
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When it comes to this years big data funding stories, the first thing that probably comes to your mind is Intel’s $740 million investment in Cloudera, or MapR’s $110 million financing round led by Google Capital. You’ll also probably recall funding rounds of companies like Hotonworks, MongoDB, and DataStax too.

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Big Data Ecommerce Outfit Qubit Scoops Up $26M In Series B - Now Looks To Expand Outreach And Product Development
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Ecommerce analytics startup Qubit has secured $26 million in Series B funding on Monday, with Accel Partners leading the round. Original investors Salesforce Ventures and Balderton Capital, also participated. The funding will be used to expand Qubit’s US and European operations and development of the ongoing product innovation pipeline. Qubit

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