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How drones, sensors, and even Google Glass are making news better. The Internet of Things is set to disrupt media like never before. Marketing and advertising will be reborn, understanding and reaching consumers with an unprecedented degree of precision. That is not, however, the only way media will be changing.

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Dataminr, a real-time information discovery outfit, has picked up $130 million in growth capital in a Series D funding round, it announced on Tuesday after Wall Street Journal broke the news. “This newly raised capital will enable Dataminr to meet the tremendous global demand for our products, expand into new

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Elina Makri is the co-founder of, a networked digital platform designed to trace and connect journalists, fixers and media professionals around the globe. She’s also the Greek editor of (a Greek-German collaborative journalism project, and the founder of the Youth Investigative Journalism prize, which aims to train and

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