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Presto Versus Hive: What You Need To Know
Data Science

There is much discussion in the industry about analytic engines and, specifically, which engines best meet various analytic needs. This post looks at two popular engines, Hive and Presto, and assesses the best uses for each. How Hive Works Hive translates SQL queries into multiple stages of MapReduce and it

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Airbnb Open Sources Airpal- Their Nosql Secret Weapon Built On Facebook'S Presto
Data ScienceNews

Airbnb open sourced a web-based data exploration and SQL query tool for Hadoop called Airpal, built on Facebook’s PrestoDB, that enables query execution to facilitate data analysis, Thursday. Making the announcement, James Mayfield, product lead at Airbnb explains that working with SQL for ‘exploration and investigation’ is not easy. “Remembering

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Meet Apache Samza - Linkedin’s Stream Processing Framework

With the advent of Big Data and the rapidly growing scale of web-applications, monolithic relational databases were replaced by scalable, partitioned, NoSQL databases and HDFS; individual queries to relational databases were replaced by the likes of Hive and Pig. This growing scale and partitioned consumption model brought about by these

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Travel Startup Hopper Uses Big Data To Find Cheaper Travel Options For Users
Big DataNews

Travel startup innovator Hopper is mining Big Data to help users to find the cheapest available travel options from across the web. Enunciates Chief Data Scientist Patrick Surry, “Every time you check a price, it’s different, it changes day-to-day, and people have no idea whether they’re getting a good deal.

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Qubole Provides Self-Managing Data Platform As A Service On Microsoft Azure
Data ScienceNews

Qubole, a self-service Platform for Big Data Analytics, announced a strategic relationship with Microsoft Azure in a step to make Big Data solutions more accessible to more people on more platforms. Big Data is an elastic workload and the ideal cloud use case. The Qubole Data Service is a great

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Hadoop: The Components You Need To Know
Understanding Big Data

Follow @DataconomyMedia It’s been suggested that “Hadoop” has become a buzzword, much like the broader signifier “big data”, and I’m inclined to agree. It could certainly be seen to fit Dan Ariely’s analogy of “Big data” being like teenage sex: “everyone talks about it, nobody really knows how to do

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Big Data Attracts Biggest Salaries

Professionals working in the tech sector – and especially those working with big data – have seen their salaries increase once again, this year by almost three percent, to $87,811 from $86,619 the year before.  According to employment researcher Dice Tech, 45% of individuals surveyed reported receiving a merit pay

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