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Ai-Supported Temporal Population Structure (Tps) Technique Sheds Light On The History Of Human-Being
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Researchers in Sweden have developed a method for integrating artificial intelligence (AI) and DNA analysis to date human remains up to 10,000 years old. The new method, Temporal Population Structure (TPS), allows for dating genomes up to 10,000 years old. The researchers analyzed about 5,000 human remains from the Late Mesolithic (10,000–8,000

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Data Processing Technology History
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Devices were once valued only for their direct function. We dreamed, invented, and benefited. We continued to develop our ideas as time passed. We have pocketed more processing power than early spacecrafts and succeeded in connecting the whole world at this point. Data wells out from this digital world we

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Contrary To Popular Belief, The History Of Machine Learning, Which Enables Machines To Learn Tasks For Which They Are Not Specifically Programmed
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Contrary to popular belief, the history of machine learning, which enables machines to learn tasks for which they are not specifically programmed, and train themselves in unfamiliar environments, goes back to the 17th century. Machine learning is a powerful tool for implementing artificial intelligence technologies. Because of its ability to

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Beginner'S Guide To The History Of Data Science
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“Big data” and “data science” may be some of the bigger buzzwords this decade, but they aren’t necessarily new concepts. The idea of data science spans many different fields, and has been slowly making its way into the mainstream for over fifty years. In fact, many considered last year the

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Big Data Technology Series – Part 2
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Max Kanaskar is an Associate for Strategy& (formerly Booz & Company). He has extensive experience in IT capability development and data management, and has advised companies in transformational data management programs, including data strategy, management and governance. He’s a regular commentator on big data and technology. His views can be found

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