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C-Suite Whispers: Considering An Event-Centric Data Strategy? Here’s What You Need To Know
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Digital transformation dominates most CIO priority lists pertaining to questions such as:  How will digital transformation affect IT infrastructure? Will technology live on-premise or in the cloud? Depending on where that data lives, an organization requires different skill sets. If you’re building these resources in-house, then you need an infrastructure

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No Compromise On Self-Service Business Intelligence With Enterprise Capabilities
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Most analytics products today are designed either for the individual or for the enterprise—and each requires a major compromise. On one hand, if you choose an individualized product so businesspeople can create their own reports, the tool probably can’t scale to provide widespread sharing, consistency, or collaboration on those reports,

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Pyramid Analytics Just Tripled Their Customer Base, Again
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Pyramid Analytics has reported all round growth in the past year, marked by increased customer base – which has been tripling every year in the last three years, and doubled workforce. “The market is rapidly evolving from departmental BI to more mature, cross-departmental BI for the enterprise,” notes Omri Kohl, co-founder

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