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Data Tracking In The Workplace: Is Big Data Hurting Employees?
Big DataData Science

The common usage cases for big data and employees usually stops at HR and recruiting. However, recent news has sparked interest in the dark uses of data in the workplace. Until recently, the biggest concern about data collection was whether Target would find out you were pregnant, or you would

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Data Mining Tops Linkedin'S List Of The Hottest Skills In 2014
Data Science 101News

The list for 25 Hottest Skills of 2014 that got people hired according to the business networking service provider, LinkedIn, came out mid-December last year, and there has been a significant shuffling since 2013. What came out on top as the number one on this list was Statistical Analysis and

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Berlin'S Data Science Retreat Become New European Launchpad For Data Science Careers
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In Europe, startups and established corporations alike are tapping into the power of data science. However, putting the right team together to your business’ data sciences problems remains challenging, as the talent scarcity continues. This is, of course, good news for data scientists; those who combine expertise in machine learning &

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White House Big Data Study

A big data review carried out by the United States government illustrating the White House’s stance on the effect of large amounts of data on American citizens finding itself in the hands of private companies will be released soon, reports the Associated Press on Sunday. White House counselor John Podesta stated that

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