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4 Steps To Neutralize A Data Scientist'S Biggest Threat
Data Science 101Understanding Big Data

Data scientists suffer needlessly when they don’t account for the time it takes to properly complete all of the steps of exploratory data analysis There’s a scourge terrorizing data scientists and data science departments across the dataland. This plague infects even the best data scientists, causing missed deadlines, overrun budgets

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Why Your Data Scientist Isn'T Being More Inventive
Data Science

You probably had some big ideas in mind when you first started thinking about adopting big data solutions for your business. There’s usually a tinge of excitement when it comes to big data, and business owners are eager to tap into all its potential. Hiring a qualified data science team

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4 Steps To Help Kickstart Your Data Cleaning Project
BI & AnalyticsCase Studies

Are you considering carrying out or outsourcing a data cleaning project? Find out how to start. Data quality problems At present companies face the challenge of maintaining ever growing collections of data about their customers. This data is often incorrect (e.g. contains duplicate entries), incomplete or incoherent. On the other hand, the

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Paxata Automates Data Cleaning

Paxata was launched in October of 2013, after 18 months of preparation, to roll up the world of data cleaning. Ventana, a research firm, has found that around 40 – 60 % of a data scientist’s time is spent cleaning the data in preparation for later analysis. In order to

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