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Aluminum-Sulfur Battery: A Big Step Towards Cost Efficient Batteries
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The components used to build an aluminum-sulfur battery are all readily available and reasonably priced. Aluminum and sulfur serve as the battery’s two electrode components, with a layer of molten salt serving as the electrolyte. Some other inventions, like the liquid metal batteries Sadoway and his students created a number

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Cyber Insurance Providers Are Evaluating Businesses' Security Postures Considerably More Closely As A Result Of Rising Demand And Risky Third-Party Risks, To The Point Where They Are Limiting Or Denying Coverage Based On The Use Of Specific Technology.

Due to increased demand and third-party risks, cyber insurance providers are evaluating businesses’ security postures much more carefully, to the point where they are limiting or denying coverage based on the use of a particular technology. Over the past three years, attack surfaces and adversary tactics have grown, and so have

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