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Why An Online, Global Workforce Could Be The Future Of Construction
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The talent shortage in architecture and engineering is huge. As noted by the World Economic Forum, the ongoing shortage of labour, including a shortage of professional talent for designers, architects, and higher levels of management, has “undermined project management and execution, adversely affecting cost, timelines and quality.” Ultimately, time is

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Big Data Is Transforming Commercial Construction
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Construction is a costly and time-consuming process. There are several layers to every project, and average profit margins are relatively narrow. That’s why any and every money-saving measure counts. It’s nearly impossible to flawlessly budget, manage, and organize a construction project. From employees to suppliers and logistics, there’s one tool

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How Archaeology And Data Science Are Helping Builders To Avoid Buried Treasure
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Democrata, a U.K. based Data-as-a-service provider is reducing the risk of builders stumbling upon archaeological sites or artefacts during construction by tapping into and analysing data collected by public sector information bodies. “It’s an expensive problem to have once you’ve started digging,” Geoff Roberts, CEO of Democrata, told New Scientist. “We

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