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Data To The People: The Tableau Visualisation Challenge
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Win a full license for Tableau software in their visualization challenge! Tableau did not come from modest beginnings. It was the result of three well-prepared Stanford men. It all began when founder Chris Stolte was working on his PhD. With his background in database programming, he saw there were major

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Global Climate Change Data Competition
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On June 6th, 2015 Big Data Utah and the Boulder/Denver Big Data Users Group (BDBDUG) kicked off the Global Data Competition, an inaugural event focused on climate change and split into 22 regions around the world. The competition has two phases, each with a scoring system that allows solutions to be

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Masdar Big Data Challenge Finalists

Masdar Institute of Science and Technology’s project for the Telecom Italia Big Data and Trentino Open Data Challenge 2014 has been listed as one of the ten finalists.   Their submission, entitled “Misery Loves Company: Twitter Sentiment Reveals Assortative Mixing of Aggregate Happiness in Urban Communication Networks”, focused on looking at the

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