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Silicon Image Sensors Enable Faster Image Processing
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The camera system in autonomous vehicles depends on image processing speed. Complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS) image sensors, also known as silicon imaging sensor chips, have recently benefited from researchers’ development of the first in-sensor processor. Although commercial image sensor chips also use silicon photodiode arrays, the team’s photodiodes are electrostatically doped,

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Mit Researchers Used Reverse-Engineering To Deal With Side-Channel Attacks

MIT researchers utilized reverse engineering on-chip interface to investigate the viability of a side-channel attack. According to them, bad actors who want to steal sensitive data from programs running on the computer can take advantage of a processor component that connects several areas of the chip. Bad actors can launch

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Spiking Neural Networks (Snns) Are Artificial Networks That May Be Used To Build Intelligent Robots Or To Learn More About The Mechanisms Behind The Brain.
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Spiking neural networks (SNNs) are artificial networks that may be used to build intelligent robots or to learn more about the mechanisms behind the brain. Despite their small size, our brains have a significant amount of computing power. Since the brain processes neural signals in this way, many academics have

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With The Goal Of A More Sustainable World, Mit Researchers Have Succeeded In Developing A New Lego-Like Ai Chip.
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With a more sustainable world goal, MIT researchers have succeeded in developing a new LEGO-like AI chip. Imagine a world where cellphones, smartwatches, and other wearable technologies don’t have to be put away or discarded for a new model. Instead, they could be upgraded with the newest sensors and processors

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