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The Power Of Data To Know The World, To Improve The World, And To Change The World

Dr. Kirk Borne is a data scientist and an astrophysicist. He is Principal Data Scientist in the Strategic Innovation Group at Booz-Allen Hamilton since 2015. He was Professor of Astrophysics and Computational Science in the George Mason University (GMU) School of Physics, Astronomy, and Computational Sciences during 2003-2015. He served

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The National Data Science Bowl Makes Plankton Research Sexy
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Rare is the man whose heart starts racing upon hearing the word “plankton”. It might not be the sexiest field in the world, but the study and categorisation of this marine microorganisms can tell us a huge amount but the health of our oceans. The problem? There’s tonnes of them.

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Booz Allen Hamilton Launch Data Science Training Programme To Address Data Scientist Shortage

In a move that directly addresses the need for a greater number of data scientists, strategy & consulting giants Booz Allen Hamilton launched the Explore Data Science online training program last week. BAH is calling it “a self-paced, hands-on course geared toward all levels of data science proficiency – from introductory to

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