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Ai Big Pharma Drug Discovery And Development
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Don’t be surprised if you wake up tomorrow to discover that AI has taken over another industry you never thought of. Recent AI transformation across different industries is proof that no space can confine artificial intelligence all to itself. Like every other industry that has enjoyed the proliferation of artificial

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Big Data Is Revolutionizing The Way We Develop Life-Saving Medicine
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Big data sets are so complex and large that common data processing tools and technologies cannot cope with them. The process of inspection of such data and uncovering patterns is called big data analytics. The basic question which arises in our mind is, “In what way is the drug discovery

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Big Data Facilitates Cancer Research

Project Data Sphere (PDS), an online platform sharing clinical trial data for use in cancer research, announced its official opening earlier this week. The goal of the project is to accelerate drug discovery and research to improve the lives of cancer patients around the world. 9 data sets are being

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