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Iot, Big Data And Preventative Predictions
Big DataInternet of Things

The leading car manufacturers are currently investing huge amounts of money integrating Big Data knowhow into their manufacturing processes. In the future, it will also undoubtedly have a direct impact on the driving experience – and before long your car will drive itself. If your in-car computer tells you that

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The One Language A Data Scientist Must Master
Data Science

When business leaders read about (and tackle) Big Data, there is a lot to take in. The field is developing so dynamically that many of the industry buzzwords will not have existed until a few short years ago. Just a short list of some programming languages is enough to make

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The 22 Skills Of A Data Scientist...
Data Science 101

My first article on “How To Become A Data Scientist” explored the basic four different types of Data Scientist – Data Business People, Data Creatives, Data Developers and Data Researchers (as per the O’Reilly study “Analysing the Analysers”). It highlighted the need for a data science team with diverse and

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The Science In Finding A Data Scientist

Chris Pearson is a Co-Founder of Big Cloud specialist recruiters in the fields of Big Data & Data Science.”. In his debut article with us, Chris talks about the science behind finding the right Data Scientist. Read any Big Data Gartner report or salary survey and they all tell you the

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