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Cloud Adoption On The Rise For Marketing And Sales Companies As Aws And Azure Dominate
Big DataTechnology & IT

A recent Cowen survey reveals that businesses are showing increased adoption of cloud computing. Leaders Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure also continue to control majority of the public cloud market. Organizations are also looking to benefit from increased cloud adoption. Design software giant Adobe’s Q2 earnings report showed 27 percent growth. Its cloud-based services continue

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Becoming Highly Hirable In The Iot
Internet of ThingsTechnology & IT

Introduction It wasn’t that long ago that the idea of a network-connected device that fit in your pocket was novel and futuristic. Things change quickly, however, and today’s IT professional not only has to assume that every user is connected in real-time, but be prepared for every electronic device to

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Meet Azure Documentdb- Microsoft'S Nosql Document Database Service

Azure DocumentDB, Microsoft’s fully managed NoSQL document database service that was first previewed mid last year, is now generally available, the software giant revealed Wednesday. The latest offering addresses the growing demands for mobile first, cloud first application development, wrote the Director of Program Management, DocumentDB, John Macintyre, in a

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