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The White Rabbit, Cheshire Cat And Your Analytics Wonderland: How Data Curation Reminds Me Of A Familiar Childhood Journey
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Analysis is easy. It’s rational and straightforward. Understand the relatively linear set of steps for populating an analytic model and you’re set for success. Finding insights is the part of the data process that is hard. It requires the non-linear skill of interpretation. Interpretation is inexact, it requires judgement and

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&Quot;Finding A Relevant, Trustworthy Dataset Can Be Like Finding A Needle In A Haystack&Quot; - Interview With Satyen Sangani
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Satyen is the CEO of Alation. Before Alation, Satyen spent nearly a decade at Oracle, ultimately running the Financial Services Warehousing and Performance Management business where he helped customers get insights out of their systems. Prior to Oracle, Satyen was an Associate with the Texas Pacific Group and an Analyst

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Alation Unveil Their &Quot;Google For Data&Quot; From Stealth Mode

Alation, a California based data accessibility startup emerged from stealth mode last week to make available its enterprise data accessibility platform that promises to bring together machine learning and “human insight” to assist the data-driven organisation’s workforce in collaborative analytics, data search and discovery, data optimization and effective data governance.

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