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Stephanie McReynolds

With over 15 years of data infrastructure and application experience, Stephanie has a track record of bringing new technologies to market and into the hands of data scientists and analysts. Stephanie is currently the Vice President of Marketing at Alation. Prior to Alation, Stephanie was instrumental in building the first marketing team at the self-service data preparation provider Trifacta. She’s held senior product management positions at a number of data companies including Teradata, Aster Data Oracle, and PeopleSoft. Stephanie found her data wonderland the social sciences, earning both bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Stanford University.

The White Rabbit, Cheshire Cat And Your Analytics Wonderland: How Data Curation Reminds Me Of A Familiar Childhood Journey
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Analysis is easy. It’s rational and straightforward. Understand the relatively linear set of steps for populating an analytic model and you’re set for success. Finding insights is the part of the data process that is hard. It requires the non-linear skill of interpretation. Interpretation is inexact, it requires judgement and

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