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Sanjay Sharma

Sanjay Sharma is a strategic thought leader with two decades of entrepreneurial experience building technology startups from the ground up. As CEO of Roambee, he is responsible for leading the company’s vision, driving its worldwide business growth, and increasing the company’s value. Sanjay has successfully co-founded and led two successful Silicon Valley technology startups - KeyTone Technologies, which was acquired by Global Asset Tracking Ltd and Plexus Technologies, which became an ICICI Ventures portfolio company. He has also been a part of the engineering teams at EMC, Schlumberger, and NASA.

Sanjay has a Bachelor's Degree in Electronics Engineering from the University of Bombay, and a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering from South Dakota State University.

The Role Of Intelligent Data In Driving Supply Chain Efficacy

As supply chains in the US and around the world remain tumultuous, facing pandemic closures and labor shortages, supply chain professionals are turning to data to stay ahead. An intelligent supply chain, supported by live data, enables real-time collaboration, faster execution speeds, and improved accountability. Inventory shortages have become an

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