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Mark Robinson

Mark is a co-founder of Kimble, the world leading SaaS solution which enables forward thinking Professional Services firms to manage their entire business process and accelerate their growth. He has over 30 years of experience in the IT industry and is a serial entrepreneur. He started his career in management consulting before working for Oracle Corporation where he witnessed first-hand their rise from start-up to software giant. He started his first IT Consultancy Company, Fulcrum Solutions, in 1997 and co-founded IT consultancy Edenbrook in 2001.

How Augmented Intelligence Helps Businesses Grow
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It used to be a maxim that expanding too fast was the quickest way to kill a successful business. Rapid growth brings risks as well as opportunities. But utilizing augmented intelligence, an already-popular technology which surfaces patterns in data without humans having to look at it, means that organizations can

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