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Larry Lunetta

Larry Lunetta is the Vice President of Strategy at Niara and manages the development of Niara’s partner ecosystem. Prior to Niara, Larry served as CEO and co-founder for PetaSecure, Inc. and was CEO of Replay Solutions before securing M&A exits for both. Larry also spent seven years with ArcSight, holding titles including vice president of marketing and business development, chief customer officer and vice president of strategy and corporate development, where he developed and managed partnerships with Oracle, HP and SA.

User-Centric And Entity-Centric Analytics, The Perfect Combination For Iot Security
Internet of Things

Cisco and Microsoft have recently invested in the Internet of Things (IoT) – indicating not only that IoT has reached massive scale, but that tech giants are clearly putting their bets behind it. Why? Because IoT is changing the game. Consider the collapse of the I-35 W Mississippi River Bridge

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