DALL-E 2 access is not for just some people anymore. Access to DALLE-2 has long been a prized perk for those eager to test the cutting-edge AI art generation. DALL-E 2 has been more careful and conservative than other text-to-image AI picture generators, such as Stable Diffusion, leading to a large waiting list of those seeking to acquire access. But the wait is over.

Starting today (September 28), anyone can use DALL-E 2 to create AI-generated images and let their imaginations run wild. DALL-E 2 Outpainting feature and more are waiting for you to try them.

DALL-E 2 access is now for everyone

Opening access seems to align with the name of the organization that created DALL-E. For a business called OpenAI to restrict access to their product felt ironic. Pricing will continue to be the same as it has been since a credit-based system was implemented in July.

One of the most popular text-to-image generators is now available to all creatives, providing them with a new tool to test out new concepts and possibly speed up their processes. Open access seems more equitable. But it’s also a little frightful. DALL-E 2 can create incredibly realistic photos. It recently lifted a restriction on modifying genuine human faces, which raises the possibility that people’s photographs might be changed without their consent to commit fraud or make profound fakes.

Security measures

Stability Stable Diffusion, an open-source AI program, has come under fire for allowing users to make violent and obscene content because it has no limits. DALL-E 2 will now test OpenAI’s own security measures, which the company claims are already in place and have been strengthened through “learning from real-world use.” Today’s blog post stated that it is because of these advancements that open access is now feasible.

The Wait Is Over: Dall-E 2 Access Is Now Open To Everyone
DALL-E 2 access: OpenAI took some security measures to prevent misuse

The business claims that a combination of automatic and human monitoring is used to stop banned content. The dataset used to train DALL-E 2 was filtered to exclude overtly violent, pornographic, or offensive images. Attempts to produce images of public figures are forbidden.

“We have built new detection and response algorithms to stop misuse, and we have strengthened our filters to more effectively reject efforts to generate pornographic, violent, and other content that violates our content policy.”


Check out other AI art generators: Stable Diffusion, Midjourney AI, Google DreamBooth AI, and Wombo Dream

What is DALL-E 2?

OpenAI created the DALL-E 2 machine learning models to create digital images from text descriptions. The artificial intelligence start-up Open AI created it as a generative tool, producing artfully from scratch instead of just allowing you to tweak already created works.

How to use DALL-E 2?

It’s not too difficult to use DALL-E after you sign up. Simply type a word prompt and press enter to generate photos.

Try to input as much information about the image as possible to get the best outcome. You can also request that DALL-E produce your image in various artistic mediums, such as “digital art” or “pixel art.”

Alternatively, you can upload an image and request that the model crop, enhance, or alter it.

How does DALL-E 2 work?

  • A text encoder trained to map a text prompt to a representation space is first given a text prompt.
  • The semantic information of the prompt provided in the text encoding is captured by a model known as the prior, which then converts the text encoding into a corresponding image encoding.
  • In the end, a stochastic image decoder creates an image that represents this semantic information visually.

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Is DALL-E 2 free to use?

Unfortunately not, DALL-E 2 has a credit-based pricing structure. A predetermined number of credits will be given to new users for making, editing, or changing photos. In contrast to changes and variants, generation results in four images. Credits can be added in $15 increments, or they recharge monthly at a rate of $15 in the second month and $50 in the first.

 CostCreditsNumber of images
First monthFREE50200
Every month afterFREE1560
Additional credit packs$15115460
DALL-E 2 access: Pricing

DALL-E 2 examples

Check out Open AI’s Instagram and Twitter pages for the best examples. The followings are some of the best results:

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