The DN22 Polkadot Hybrid Hackathon features three days of non-stop technical sessions, seminars, competitions, and coding and around 1000 participants can enjoy top-notch presentations, demos, community events, and its traditional 48-hour coding competition for 60 straight hours. This year, Astar Network and KILT Protocol have set some fierce challenges for those who want to win over $30,000 in prizes.

DN22 Polkadot Hybrid Hackathon is geared toward creative thinkers with a hacker mindset. Anyone with a technological background is encouraged to apply.

The curators of the DN22 Polkadot Hybrid Hackathon seek to choose the best, most competitive, and most enthusiastic programmers and creatives. This is based on what candidates fill out in their profiles (pitch and personal bios) as well as evidence of participation in past editions (if applicable). Whatever your level of experience, what matters is your potential and love for technology.

Data Natives 2022 will be the biggest AI conference of the year

Data Natives has been gathering data-driven professionals to create a link between communities from all over the world who were mesmerized by the rise of data science, machine learning, and other data-infused technology since 2015.

This year, DN22 will connect attendees both offline and online. The technological solutions provided by Data Natives will establish an environment conducive to conferences on-site and enable interaction among all attendees. You will be able to roam about in a virtual environment while exchanging business cards and ideas with data science firms, tech enthusiasts, startups, hackers, recruiters, and job seekers from more than 37 countries. Face-to-face activities will be held in Berlin, starting from August 26th.

Dn22 Conference Invites Tech-Savvy Coders To The Annual Polkadot Hybrid Hackathon Challenge!


Below you can see the challenges that Astar Network and KILT Protocol have set up for the competitors:

  • PSP34 NFT Minting Site
  • On-chain Identity Scoring System for EVM
  • Shiden OG NFT using RMRK
  • DeFi Dashboard for Astar Network
  • Token Bridge Contract Between WASM and EVM
  • KILT Event Mobile Wallet


There will be a series of online and offline activities until September 2nd. You can register right away by entering this link and catch up on the upcoming online workshops:

  • August 15 – Mobile Event Wallet by KILT Protocol
  • August 16 – PSP22 & PSP34 by Astar Network
  • August 17 – Swanky CLI updates by Astar Networks
  • August 19 – Subsquid – WASM indexing by Astar Networks

Full schedule

You can also follow the full schedule below:

Online Hackathon Kick-off08.08.2022 11:00
Online Workshop with Dudley from KILT Protocol15.08.2022 19:00
Online Workshop: PSP22 & PSP34 by Astar Network16.08.2022 19:00
Online Workshop: Swanky CLI updates by Saša from Astar Networks17.08.2022 19:00
Online Workshop: Subsquid – WASM indexing by Pierre Ossun from Astar Networks19.08.2022 19:00
Meet your peers @Mindspace (Berlin)26.08.2022 18:30
User Centric Design Workshop @Mindspace (Berlin)27.08.2022 13:00
How to Validate Your Idea Workshop @Mindspace (Berlin)27.08.2022 17:00
Storytelling 101 / Pitch Deck 101 Workshop @Mindspace (Berlin)28.08.2022 13:00
Pitch Coaching (Performance) Workshop @Mindspace (Berlin)28.08.2022 17:00
Celebratory toast @Mindspace (Berlin)28.08.2022 18:00
Project Submission Deadline29.08.2022 13:00
Finalists Pre-Selection29.08.2022 14:00
Finalists Announcement31.08.2022 14:00
Demo Day from the DN22 Conference @Kühlhaus (Berlin)02.09.2022 15:55

Register here

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