An insider tip: if you’re looking for the real inside track on tech innovation at a conference, look to the startups. Undoubtedly the larger companies have the resources and brainpower to fuel the innovations of tomorrow, but many of the nascent ideas which will revolutionise the ways we live and work originate in small companies with big visions.

If you’re part of a smaller operation yourself, the benefits of surrounding yourself with a robust and supportive startup ecosystem cannot be overstated. Many in the data field will preach the value of open data; the same principles of transparency, access and collaboration are also key reasons why data startups & scaleups should be in communication with one another, sharing learnings and ideas to grow concurrently.

Showcasing startups with cutting-edge ideas and exposing them to our ever-growing community has always been a crucial part of Data Natives’ modus operandi- and DN18 is no different. On the 22nd and 23rd November, we’ll be joined by game-changing startups from across the globe, and across industries too. Below is our pick the startups you need to watch out for- trust us, you’ll be hearing these names a lot in the coming years.


Vivy has situated itself at the lucrative but tricky intersection of personalised medicine and data privacy. Vivy aims to be a one-stop shop for all of your medical documents and data: it offers all of your (encrypted) medical records at a touch, reminds you about appointments and vaccines, warns you about interactions between your prescribed medications, and pairs with fitness trackers. Additionally, it offers end-to-end encryption, and allows users to determine who they share what data with. Their business model is to sell to insurance companies, who offer it as a service to their clients; they’re already highly active in the German market, having partnered with several major public and private insurance providers.


Opinary offer dynamic and engaging polls on major publishing outlets- with a twist. Publishers get to engage users, and encourage them to share structured data in a way they actually enjoy; brands get to place their content on major publishers in real time; and users get to see a data-driven overview of where their fellow readers fall on key issues. Already working with brands including MasterCard, Deutsche Bank and Toyota and publishers like The Huffington Post, The Independent and Spiegel Online, Opinary reaches 60 million monthly users- and counting. Their tech team are currently applying deep learning to their data with the aim of uncovering which underlying structures of language drive users to engage with content- this research will form the backbone of their talk at Data Natives.

5 Startups &Amp; Scaleups To Watch Out For At Dn18


One of the fastest-growing companies in the InsurTech space, Wefox offers a fully digital insurance solution to connect insurers with potential clients, based on their individual needs. The data-infused insurance comparison platform currently boasts more than 200 insurance providers. For users, the app provides a one-stop-shop to oversee and manage their various insurance packages, and offers an annual review of policies and potential risks. With $38.5m total funding, WeFox are reportedly close to settling a triple-digit-million new funding round, to propel their offering to the next level. Wefox CEO Tasos Chatzimichailidis will share his dispatches from the frontline of InsurTech disruption at DN18.


Also active in the InsurTech space, omni:us provide AIaaS; namely, they offer insurance companies with all benefits of an AI-infused data management system without the pain of creating AI pipelines themselves. Under the tagline “Settle claims in minutes, not weeks”, their solution ostensibly speeds up claim times by 80% and leads to a 75% cost reduction for the client. They completed a Series A round last month, bringing their total funding to $22.5 million. Their talk at DN18 will focus on the challenges of data extraction using deep learning, touching on both structured and unstructured data abstraction.


Based out of Oslo with German operations, Swarm64 offer unparalleled FPGA-based accelerators for relational databases with their out-of-the-box solution, which gives databases an analytical boost in real-time. Their solution is also engineered to integrate with existing environments, minimising implementation risks and costs. Swarm64 have been active for five years, accruing more than $20 million in funding.

All of these startups will be speaking at Data Natives 2018– the data-driven conference of the future, hosted in Dataconomy’s hometown of Berlin. On the 22nd & 23rd November, 110 speakers and 1,600 attendees will come together to explore disruptive technologies, including AI, blockchain, healthtech, and the latest innovations in data science. As well as two days of inspiring talks, Data Natives will also bring informative workshops, satellite events, art installations and food to our data-driven community, promising an immersive experience in the tech of tomorrow.

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