Dataconomy, Europe’s leading media and events platform for the data-driven generation, hosted the 8th edition of Data Natives 2022 (DN22) was a resounding success, welcoming over 1,000 on-site visitors, with thousands more participating via social media. From August 31st to September 2nd, Europe’s largest tech and Artificial Intelligence conference showcased the newest data innovation with its three days of panels, interactive talks, and demonstrations across five stages with over 200 speakers. The presence of 146 nationalities gave the event both academic credence and cosmopolitan flair, many of them esteemed members of Data Natives’ world-beating 183,000-strong online community of data experts.

Data Natives, an intergalactic thought leaders’ experience

Amongst the big names and corporate innovators and leaders present at Data Natives 2022 were:

Dee Wood (Head at Twitter Next Lab, EMEA); Mina Saidze (Lead Data, Axel Springer, Founder, Inclusive Tech); Mike Butcher (Editor at large at Tech Crunch); Tina Kluewer (Director, AI Berlin Centre of Artificial Intelligence); Franziska Heine (Deputy Managing Director, Wikimedia Germany); Carlos Ahumada(Data for Good at Meta); Ait Si Abbou (Director Client Engineering DACH at IBM); Kenza Nicole Büttner (CEO Merantix Labs); Katherine Townsend (Director for Policy at World Wide Web Foundation, Executive Director at Open Data Collaboratives); Lubomila Jordanova (CEO & Co-Founder Plan A & Co-Founder at Greentech Alliance); Julien Carbonnell (Data Scientist);  Will Hurley aka whurley (CEO of Strangeworks); Johannes Steger (MO at Tagesspiegel);  Iliana Portugues Peters (Futurist at Siemens Energy); Clara Rodriguez Fernandez (Deeptech Reporter at Sifted). 

Data Natives, Europe’s Largest Data Science And Ai Conference, Makes Its Big On-Site Comeback In Berlin
Data Natives, an intergalactic thought leaders’ experience

In addition, Dr. Ralph Kleindiek, Chief Digital Officer (CDO) of Berlin, delivered a keynote and took the time to meet with many young entrepreneurs from startups in all sectors. 

The 8th edition of Data Natives was greatly enhanced by its post-pandemic return to form an entirely in-person event. 

The conference’s theme was naturally future-forward; “Guide to the Galaxy” not only encapsulated the stratospheric tech advancements anticipated in a world so altered by COVID-19 but also shone a necessary spotlight upon up-and-coming B2C developments.

Reflecting Data Natives’ commitment to accessible innovation, Blockchain and Web3 were highlighted as primary topics of discussion throughout the three-day event: A Web3 hackathon enabled visitors to enter the Web3 space with ease and the final day of the conference was devoted to demystifying the often intimidating world of the Metaverse, Blockchain, decentralized finance, and NFTs. 

DN22 dared to lead to the future for inspiration and also served as an opportunity to examine the human edge of tech. This momentum was experienced by the sense of community established throughout the conference, with over 20 satellite events taking place during the event itself and offering a mentorship program to pair tomorrow’s pioneers with current big names in tech. The powerful lineup of female speakers included tech icons and influencers in the Women in Tech Community, like Mina Saidze, founder and CEO of Inclusive Tech, Europe’s first consulting organization for diversity in tech.

Data Natives, Europe’s Largest Data Science And Ai Conference, Makes Its Big On-Site Comeback In Berlin
Data Natives, an intergalactic thought leaders’ experience

On August 31st, the conference entered its first day in a typically pioneering fashion, concentrating this year on the increasing prevalence of Artificial Intelligence in society. With many distinguished faces from the world of AI speaking on the practical application of human-taught tech, DN22 offered curious, if sobering insight into the future of Artificial Intelligence from the standpoint of climate change, Sustainability, and the use of AI to avoid human errors in the recruitment process.

Day 2 focused primarily on data programming, offering tech know-how and innovative instruction on how to develop Machine Learning responsibly. A pioneering analysis of AI’s place in the future of international banking, healthcare, and academic research served as a suitably space-age backdrop to the practical data application demonstrations given by top names in tech throughout the day. 

The conference’s final day truly delivered on its promise to provide visitors with a revolutionary “Guide to the Galaxy”. Exploring the far-flung corners of Planet Tech, DN22 presented an agenda capitalizing on the latest developments in Web3, Blockchain, NFTs, and cryptocurrency, with attendees enjoying a cutting-edge forum of participation and discussion around often inaccessible virtual spaces like the Metaverse. Paula Schwarz’s NFT4refugees art project showcased the intersection of art and tech can impact the migrant crisis relief projects.

“We at Dataconomy and Data Natives are happy that DN22 was such a staggering success; it’s great to know that Europe’s leading conference for tech and AI remains THE calendar event for tech experts and data innovators worldwide. After hosting the event digitally for the past two years, we guided our community on an interstellar on-site journey to explore the galaxy from the vantage point of data science. Data Natives is all about the interaction of human experience and data. So, beyond the latest trends in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, DN 22 focused heavily on Sustainability, healthcare, social causes, and data ethics. We are an open and inclusive forum for inspired and sensitive discussion, collaboration, and conversation-led innovation”, said Elena Poughia, founder and CEO of Dataconomy and Data Natives.

Data Natives, Europe’s Largest Data Science And Ai Conference, Makes Its Big On-Site Comeback In Berlin
Data Natives, an intergalactic thought leaders’ experience

Breaking news!

Data Natives is thrilled about the announced support of the Berlin Senate for 2023. Dr Ralph Kleindiek, CDO of Berlin, delivered a compelling keynote and took the time to meet with young startup entrepreneurs.

“Elena Poughia founded the Data Natives Conference seven years ago in Berlin, and she worked so hard to enlarge, support and interconnect the data-driven community. Her work and her story show us that even a country like Germany and a city like Berlin can be leading in the field of digitisation when the mindset is right and the spirit high.”

With great thanks to the commitment of Data Natives’ sponsors and community partners

Data Natives shares the success of this 8th edition with its major partners and would like to thank them for their commitment:

Diamond partners

Astar, Siemens Energy, Applied Data Incubator, Paretos, Quix

Gold partners

SAP, Big Bang Food, Metro Digital


Amplitude, Alteryx, Neti, Schwarz, SMP, PopSink, IBM, Merantix, AI Campus Berlin, Partner AI Berlin, HowtoHealth, OpenFabric, TheMamaAI, OXREF, Tilo

Community partners

Factory Berlin, HandsonData, Omdena, ICT Spring Sesamers, SigmaSquared, Uhlala Group, Vojvodina ICT, Cluster, Women Authors of Achievement, Women in Data, Helsinki Data Science Meetup, Developer Nation, LeWagon, Stte IASI AI, Contextual Solutions, Hackers&Founders, MindSpace, Nectios, Data Fest, Tbilisi, Tiloers Data Science, Retreat Female, Digitale Academy, AsiaBerlinSummit, KIEZ TechSpace, GirlsinTech, Trust in Soda, MindtheGap, Inclusive Tech, TOA LatBan, Female Founders, Tilores

About Data Natives

Founded in 2015, Data Natives is Europe’s leading events platform for the data-driven generation. Aiming to educate and connect their 183,000-strong community of data enthusiasts via interactive events, they spark innovation across industries and throughout their vast network of entrepreneurs, researchers, and students. They also share cutting-edge research and thought-provoking content through their media platform, Dataconomy. Created to facilitate collaboration between communities excited by the boom in data science, Data Natives inspires tech pioneers worldwide through their 50+ hubs in regional tech ecosystems around the globe. Into its eighth year, their flagship conference unites 5000+ data-driven professionals and multinational companies, bringing together the best minds in tech for up-to-the-minute discussion and demonstrations from the worlds of data, tech, AI, corporate ethics, diversity, and Sustainability. 

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