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NLP Gain $1.25 Million In New Venture Capital, Share Grand Plans For The Future
Machine LearningNews, an Austrian startup whose tech mimics brain function to process language more accurately and natively, have just announced an impressive new funding round. Reventon (NL) is a venture capital firm responsible for this considerable boost to’s coffers. With the new funding, already have grand plans on how

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How Mimicking Brain Function Is Revolutionising Nlp
Machine Learning

Since Microsoft began working with deep learning neural networks in 2009, we’ve seen huge improvements in the way algorithms can detect our language and dialogue. IBM have continued to pour money and resources into the development of Watson; Apple have moved the development of Siri in-house, to improve its NLP

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How Twitter Handles Your Data
Data ScienceMachine Learning

Whenever someone needs to cite an example of the staggering volume of data generation today, Twitter is called upon. It’s no wonder this is the case- every single minute, 649 new users sign up to the service, and an astonishing 342,000 tweets are created. Handling this vast ocean of data-

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Palantir Have Busy Week, Acquire Poptip And Propeller
Data ScienceNews

Palantir, a big data company whose clientele includes the US Army and several government agencies, has been busy this week. They’ve announced the purchase of two startups, Poptip and Propeller. Palantir’s exact motivations for these acquisitions remain nebulous. Tuesday saw the announcement of the Poptip acquisition. Poptip is a social

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Linkedin Acquires Machine Learning Startup Newsle
Machine LearningNews

LinkedIn just announced they have acquired Newsle, a startup which uses algorithms to drown out social network noise and deliver only the most relevant updates to its users. On their blog, LinkedIn stated the following about their latest acquisition: Over the past year or so, we’ve introduced several new ways

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