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Travel Startup Hopper Uses Big Data To Find Cheaper Travel Options For Users
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Travel startup innovator Hopper is mining Big Data to help users to find the cheapest available travel options from across the web. Enunciates Chief Data Scientist Patrick Surry, “Every time you check a price, it’s different, it changes day-to-day, and people have no idea whether they’re getting a good deal.

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Distributed Nosql: Hbase And Accumulo

NoSQL (Not Only SQL) database, departing from relational model, is a hot term nowadays although the name is kind of misleading. The data model (e.g., key-value, document, or graph) is surely very different from the tabular relations in the RDBMS. However, these non-relational data models are actually not new. For

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Ebay Brings Out Open-Sourced Kylin, Built From Scratch, Which Taps Distributed Processing And The Hbase Data Store To Accelerate Analytics

Ebay’s latest offering to the open-source community is designed to accelerate analytics on Hadoop and allow the use of SQL-compatible tools, while providing an SQL interface and multi-dimensional analysis (OLAP) on Hadoop to support extremely large datasets. Dubbed, Kylin, according to an eBay blog post, this is what it essentially

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Sql Vs. Nosql - Know The Difference
Data Science 101Understanding Big Data

‘SQL is outdated’. ‘RDBMS can no longer meet businesses’ data management needs’. ‘New database technologies like NoSQL are the solution for today’s enterprises’. We hear statements like these alot, both inside and outside the database technologies industry. But are they accurate? Is SQL a thing of the past, and are

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Hadoop: The Components You Need To Know
Understanding Big Data

Follow @DataconomyMedia It’s been suggested that “Hadoop” has become a buzzword, much like the broader signifier “big data”, and I’m inclined to agree. It could certainly be seen to fit Dan Ariely’s analogy of “Big data” being like teenage sex: “everyone talks about it, nobody really knows how to do

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