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“With Algo-Trading, The Market Will Have Good Liquidity &Amp; Higher Profits For Users From The Trading Process.”
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How to implement an Algo Order in Cybex Dex?Yes, this is one of the challenges for the second Blockchain Hackathon (part of LongHash Cryptocon Vol2) in Berlin on May 18-19 this year. More details here. As an advantage to all developers, Blockchain enthusiasts and Crypto geeks who are aching to

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Data Around The World Part Vi: Hackathon At Stanford
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As of October 4th, the STORM team is traveling the US, with exciting events such as a visit to Tesla and Google, driving on the Golden Gate bridge – and a hackathon on the STORM data at Stanford University. What was the hackathon about? A simple task: let’s crunch some

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Data Science Leveraged To Stop Human Trafficking
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Finding missing children and unraveling the complex web of human trafficking is no easy task. The relevant datasets are massive and often unstandardized. It can be difficult to find the right data at all, as it often disappears from websites and pages on a regular basis. When data is hard

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Data Scientists Tackle High-Impact Social Problems At Bayes Impact Hackathon
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At a hackathon hosted by Bayes Impact, data scientists pitted against each other to develop data driven and implementable software solutions for high impact social problems. The winning hack will become a Bayes Impact project, staffed with full-time data scientists and engineers who will work with their partners to bring

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Dealing With The Lack Of Data Scientists

To deal with the shortage of data scientists, a new “hacker bootcamp” is being offered for data scientists in New York this summer. “The Data Incubator” will run for six weeks during the summer; it is designed to bring together the brightest engineers and scientists and move them into data

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