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FinTech is easy to get wrapped up in. It’s an exciting field that’s taking power away from traditional, bloated banks and giving the industry a much needed facelift. It’s helping the underbanked (as any FinTech enthusiast will tell you a hundred times), and many popular FinTech technologies are becoming integrated

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There are rules every start-up abides by, and the FinTech arena has its own special set. These new companies simply must understand the start-up game as well as the legal quandaries specific to finances. Taking a walk through the FinTech graveyard provides educational, eye-opening, and sometimes fun new information. Respect

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For financial markets firms, efficiency is becoming as important a differentiator as speed and scale. As a result, firms are delving deeper into predictive analytics to realize faster time to value and improve operational performance and decision outcomes. Technologies that speed pattern recognition in ever-growing data sets – including big

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The promise of Big Data and our ability to use it was a lofty one. Unfortunately, many Big Data efforts have turned out to be extremely costly, both in terms of the investment and the human capital required to draw insight out of it. While companies use many approaches to

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Kreditech, the consumer finance technology group, announced yesterday the 100% acquisition of Polish financial tech outfit Kontomierz for a seven digit amount and Kreditech shares. Founded in 2009, Kontomierz has net revenues of €1 million at positive EBIT, and three-digit annual growth. This is especially impressive considering Kontomierz’s staff is only 16-strong;

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Follow @DataconomyMedia We met Sammy Shreibati, the Co-Founder and CTO of SaveUp, at the Finovate conference in San Jose. Prior to SaveUp, Sammy was the Director of Engineering at PrepMe, an education company dedicated to bringing high-quality, customized learning to students across the world. Sammy helped PrepMe grow from a

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