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The Simpsons' paradox
Data Science

Simpson’s paradox happens when behaviour at the group level is different from the behaviour of its subgroups. For example, consider a mobile app with 10,000 Android users and 5,000 on iOS. If we make the assumption that all users spend equally, then it may make more sense to prioritize development

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Dataconomy published an article earlier this month, where Taha Yasseri outlined his research on predicting movie box office success based on Wikipedia activity data. Taha’s research is not only unique but also groundbreaking. He was able to predict box office revenues with an overall accuracy of 77 percent, which is

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Data science training programs have been rapidly increasing across the United States recently, and they seem to be spreading to Europe as well. An inaugural class of 10 students will begin a three month training program called the Data Science Retreat in Berlin, expanding on the knowledge available from online

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