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Big Data Evolves Into A Formidable Driving Force Behind Us Election Campaigns
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The last decade has seen an evolution of sorts with regards to how election campaigns are being run in the US. Like all the other fields that Big Data has percolated into, the election machinery has seen drastic changes and adoptions being made to its primary modes of campaigning. “Progressive

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Top 10 Capabilities For Exploring Complex Relationships In Data For Scientific Discovery
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With all of the discussion about Big Data these days, there is frequest reference to the 3 V’s that represent the top big data challenges: Volume, Velocity, and Variety. These 3 V’s generally refer to the size of the dataset (Volume), the rate at which data is flowing into (or out

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Acadia University: Presentation On Data Analytics (Part 1)

Yesterday we attended an event at Acadia University where Dr. Danny Silver gave a presentation on Data Analytics and Data Mining. The talk was organised in light of Big Data Week and the presentation gives a good overview of data analytics, the data mining process and the key trends in

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Applying Big Data Analytics To Sports
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Data is more than just power. It is supreme. At least, this is the message being put forward to executives today. Taking heed of this advice, organisations across all industry verticals are upgrading their data management systems, investing in new resources, and using their rich databases to streamline the practices

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