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7 Habits Of Highly Effective Data Analysis
Data Science 101Understanding Big Data

Highly effective data analysis isn’t learned overnight, but it can be learned faster. Here are 7 habits of data analysis I wish someone told me for effectively incorporating, communicating and investing in data analysis geared towards an engineering team. 1. Value simplicity of analysis over fancy algorithms If you can’t

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Understanding Dimensionality Reduction And Its Applications
Data Science

Dimensionality reduction as means of feature extraction Feature extraction is a very broad and essential area of data science. It’s goal is to take out salient and informative features from input data, so that they can be used further in predictive algorithms. Modern data scientists observe large amounts of data,

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The Four Essential V’s For A Big Data Analytics Platform
BI & Analytics

Whether data is structured or unstructured, it’s only as valuable as the business outcomes it makes possible. However, the data itself isn’t the only factor responsible for those outcomes. How you measure that data, from a business point of view, helps you tie the value of the data to its

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Twitter On Data Shopping Spree

In what is now the company’s fourth acquisition in the data space, Twitter has purchased Gnip, a company with access to the vast amount of data that Twitter has and resells it to other companies to use.  Even though advertising accounts for 90% of Twitter revenue, data licensing revenues have

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