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Real Time + Big Data = Move Elephant Move!
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Elephants in a Storm. Oil tankers take ages to move. Even when there’s a storm ahead, complex machinery, pulleys, engines and switches have to be enabled to make the smallest change in direction. Organizations and Big Data are the same, they use masses of compute power in order to gain

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Switzerland’s Biggest Bank Taps Artificial Intelligence To Keep Pace With Competition
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Banking giant UBS will harness Artificial Intelligence to provide its clients with personalized counsel.“Banking is one of the most rudimentary industries when it comes to digitalization,” Dirk Klee, chief operating officer for UBS wealth management and responsible for digital initiatives, said in an interview, reportsBloomberg.   “EBay, Amazon – everything

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The Data Science Disruption That’s Coming To Banks (And How To Help Lead It)

Take a large quantity of jelly beans. Put them in a tall glass jar. Ask a group of children to guess how many are inside in exchange for a prize, then watch their faces light up with excitement. No one would call this an exercise in predictive analytics, but at

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Capgemini: The Value Of Customer Analytics

According to research conducted by Capgemini, the lack of consumer analytics in commercial banks is proving to be a large impediment to their growth and success. The research shows that banks applying analytics to customer data have a four-percentage point lead in market share over banks that do not, and

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