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Open data is becoming an increasingly powerful tool; especially when it has cloud resources and analytics tools from industry leaders to back it up. Recent years have seen complex datasets on social media emotion expression, genomics, and even human history in its entirety released to the public. In light of

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BI & AnalyticsUnderstanding Big Data

In our cartographic overview of the big data ecosystem, we stated a Big Data environment should allow you to store, process, analyse and visualise data. Thus far in the “Understanding Big Data” series, we’ve been breaking down the ecosystem into composite parts, focusing on software which specifically focuses one or

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When it comes to marketing a product, Amazon ratings can make or break a business. I’ve lost count of the times I’ve been talked in to (or out of) buying a product based on a passionate review or a high or low rating. Nithyanand Kota spent alot of time contemplating

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